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About Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang

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Published on: December 30, 2020

Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang is the Lifetime Honorary Chairwoman of the International Art Museum of America. The museum has a dedicated gallery exhibiting her artworks. Her paintings encompass a broad range of styles and subject matters, including landscapes, animals, flowers, birds, and so forth, all of which have reached the summit of world-class artistic excellence. Based on her lotus and water lily paintings, artists have acclaimed that Professor Yuhua Shouzhi Wang is the foremost lotus painter of all times. No artist in the past would have been able to surpass her accomplishment, and her works will continue to inspire generations to come. Among all notable lotus painters, her skills are extremely profound, substantial, and masterful, and she is among the most distinguished artists in history. Her artistic achievement has reached perfection at the summit of the “ten ultimate artistries.”

Professor Wang’s works have been exhibited and widely acclaimed in the United States, China, Asia, and Europe. In 2008, the United States Congress held an exhibition of the professor’s works, calling her art a “treasure of the world.” The U.S. Congressional Record chronicled the recognition that “her lotus flower paintings are unsurpassed and are extremely valuable.” Professor Yuhua Shouzhi Wang has also been critically acclaimed by news media that “she fuses vivacity, power, color, scholarly essence, quintessence of stone and bronze inscriptions, spirituality, erudition, and morality into oneness in her art. She is the foremost artist in the world.” Back in 2013, out of the works of all painters, the World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers and Associations (WFUCA) awarded the title “WFUCA2013” to the artworks of Professor Yuhua Shouzhi Wang.

The Kingdom of Thailand’s Department of Culture especially organized a solo exhibition of the art of Professor Yuhua Shouzhi Wang at their Ratchadamnoen Contemporary Art Center in Bangkok. The Department of Culture also notified all university and middle school teachers and students to visit the exhibition and study the artworks. In 2019, When Professor Wang’s solo exhibition was held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center that used to be the Sino-Soviet Friendship Building, a record-breaking number of people visited the show. The Museum Director Wu Shufang stated that the museum had never experienced such an overwhelming number of visitors since its official opening, and for this exhibition, they had to post notices to limit admission.

In 2019, when her works were exhibited at the Louvre Museum in Paris, guests – including artists, collectors, and art critics – were thrilled and overwhelmed with joy, praise, and admiration. They felt that the French people had never had such an experience before. The experts acclaimed that Prof. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang is a virtuoso of equal standing as Van Gogh, Cezanne, Gaugain, and Monet They said, “Professor Wang’s paintings are so magnificent that they amaze us. We have never thought that the level of artistry of Eastern ink painting can surpass that of a few centuries of Western traditions. Professor Wang is the only one who has achieved that.”

Professor Yuhua Shouzhi Wang’s artworks were exhibited at the Louvre Museum in Paris in 2019.

Renowned art critic Aude de Kerros has commented: “I have curated and critiqued so many art exhibitions, yet I have never seen an exhibition like this where all the guests are so touched and amazed by the art, and all of them expressed praise. I truly cannot describe their surprise and joy. The art experts do not even want to leave after seeing such exquisite artworks. You can see that so many people are staying this late and they are not leaving.” Professor Peter Drake, Provost of the New York Academy of Art, presented a certificate to recognize Prof. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang‘s extraordinary contributions to representational and abstract art, stating “Dr. Wang’s exceptional accomplishment has been to straddle the often-oppositional worlds of representation and abstraction. Her works are both finely crafted and deeply experiential, instilling the viewer with a sense of art that both comes from nature and is nature itself.” The Provost also personally led graduate students to the International Art Museum of America to see Professor Wang’s artworks in the Museum’s collection. He also gave lectures on site. Faculty members and students were all thrilled to see the original paintings in the museum, and they studied the artworks by copying them.

On December 20, 2020, the UNESCO convention was held on the occasion of the 2020 United Nations International Day for Human Solidarity, and the United Nations Secretary-General His Excellency António Guterres attended in person and delivered a speech. During the convention, the Chairman of the U.S. National Commission for UNESCO Clubs, Centers and Associations Guy Djoken proclaimed Professor Yuhua Shouzhi Wang’s title and level of artistic achievement, which was based on a determination of the artistry accomplished by the Professor in her paintings. The issuance of the “International First-Class Artist” title to Professor Yuhua Shouzhi Wang on December 20 was a determinative recognition that Professor Wang has attained the highest level of achievement among international first-class artists. This is the ultimate world class title for artistic accomplishment, and Professor Wang is the only Asian artist who has ever received such a title.

U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen congratulated Professor Yuhua Shouzhi Wang for being honored with the title recognizing her as a world-class international artist on December 20. On December 29, Chairman Guy Djoken went to the International Art Museum of America in San Francisco to personally present the title certificate to Professor Yuhua Shouzhi Wang.

Professor Wang is a person of humility and noble morality. She is modest, unassuming, beneficent, and genial. The characteristics of an artist’s paintings essentially reflect the character of the painter.

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