Bob Ross “Happy Trees” Tutorial with IAMA  5/20/2022

IAMA is happy to welcome back artist and educator Veronica Fasolino for another Youth Workshop. In this fun interactive workshop, we bring Bob Ross BACK TO LIFE!! (A fun intro/skit and costume is worn as a part of this workshop by the host) I will be teaching the class how to paint a beautiful scenic sunset with mountains and trees in the foreground. 

Artist/Host Biography: Veronica Fasolino dedicated and passionate Art/Dance Instructor with over 4 years of experience working with youth to develop their creativity. Degree Holder with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Minor in Religion from Arizona State University. Veronica is an award-winning Arts Coordinator for the City of Greater Scottsdale Boys & Girls Clubs, and an award holder from the National Fine Art Exhibits. She currently is working to create a community-inclusive art studio in San Francisco with hopes of providing teaching assistants to communities of artists to develop new skills, make connections, and learn how to be successful in their passions.  She has held Paint nights for the San Diego community, and actively leads community-inclusive art development here in San Francisco! 

Date / Time:  Sunday, May 20 / 2pm-3pm

Hosted by: IAMA and Veronica Fasolino

Platform/Location: Zoom 

Registration/Tickets: Register on Eventbrite

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