Expressive Finger Painting with Crystal Ma — EVENT POSTPONED!

EVENT POSTPONED! We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


Explore creativity with artist Crystal Ma in our Finger Painting workshop. Discover therapeutic art, all materials and wine included!

Embark on a journey of self-expression in our “Healing Colors” – An Expressive Finger Painting workshop with Crystal Ma! Join us for an unparalleled art and mental wellness experience where you can “tap” into your feelings and let them unfold on the canvas. Crystal, a talented Bay Area artist, will guide you through the healing process of channelling emotional energy and expressing artistically without using words. Immerse yourself in this unique art experience, with all event materials provided and included in the ticket price. Don’t miss the chance to discover the therapeutic nature of finger painting and connect with your mental well-being in this extraordinary workshop.

The Expressive Finger Painting, we will silence our voices and let our thoughts flow through the tips of our fingers. Through the tactile act of touch, we will express emotions, translate them into vivid abstractions of color on canvas. Each mark we make holds an unique energy, where a smear resonates differently from a gentle tap, conveying a spectrum of meanings to the feelings that reside within us. Join us as we explore the profound language of touch and color, delving into the realm of expressive finger painting.

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Artist Bio

Crystal is a self-taught fluid artist based in the East Bay. Born in the dynamic city of Hong Kong and raised in the heart of the San Francisco Bay, she has cultivated a unique skill set, specializing in resin and acrylic art. In addition to her artistic endeavors, she is the visionary behind FLOW Art Experience—a fusion of art + mental wellness. This immersive experience is crafted to create a meaningful connection between art and mental well-being.

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