FLOW Art Experience with Crystal Ma, 10/20/2023 @ 5:30 PM

Find your FLOW in this fluid art experience with Crystal Ma! Create personal masterpieces surrounded by beautiful art in the IAMA galleries.

This unique art workshop is unlike any other workshop hosted by IAMA. Learn how to express yourself and get in touch with your mental well-being through this intuitively-guided art form with help from Crystal, a Bay Area local and talented artist. Let go of stress and control and watch the magic happen in this workshop. Allow yourself to decompress and relax through the mesmerizing movement of colors on the canvas.

All event materials will be provided, and are included in the ticket price. You will create two unique paintings to take home.

No art experience required!

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Artist Biography:

Crystal is a self-taught fluid artist from the East Bay. She was born in the vibrant city of Hong Kong and raised in the cool calm suburbs of San Francisco. She specializes in resin and acrylic fluid art. Her work is deeply inspired by the unpredictability of the fluid process itself. Alongside with her artistic endeavors, she also created FLOW – A Fluid Art Experience for Mental Wellness to inspire others to express feelings through the fluid art process.

To learn more about Crystal and fluid art, follow her on Facebook and on Instagram: @ma.artlife (Crystal’s account), @flow.artlife (FLOW account).


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