Lucky Strokes: A Shamrock Hat Painting Workshop with Young Art Studio

Join IAMA and Young Art Studio on this month’s edition of our collaborative workshops! Online and free for everyone!

Step into the world of artistic luck with ‘Lucky Strokes: A Shamrock Hat Painting Workshop’! ???? Join us for a festive and creative experience brought to you by IAMA and Young Art Studio. Let our lively instructor guide you through the step-by-step process of painting your own lucky shamrock hat. This interactive workshop, suitable for all ages, promises a delightful and engaging session. Unleash your creativity, embrace the Irish spirit, and don’t miss out on this unique and joyous creative adventure!

You’re in luck! Join us for this St. Patrick’s Day inspired lesson. Follow along as the instructor guides you in creating the proper shapes to create the hat and clovers. Move into adding color and learn basic shading techniques. Finish by adding in a background.

Event Materials/Equipment Needed :

Paper, pencil, eraser, coloring materials fo your choice (paint, colored pencils, markers, etc.)

Artist/Host Biography:

Young Art Teacher Jace is a professional Freelance artist with a focus on Graphic Design and Animation and is well versed in the stages of design from concept to final product. His expertise comes from his life long love of art and the education he gained from The Art Institute of Las Vegas in Design. His career in teaching started during his Senior Year of High School where he volunteered his time as the on site Art Teacher, which sparked a love for helping others learn to spark their creativity and imagination to create art in all its many forms.

Websites and Social Media Handles:


IG: @youngartlessonsusa FB: @youngartlive

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