“Memories are the Antidotes” Artist Reception with Priyanka Rana 7/15/22 5PM

Join IAMA as we welcome our new Lightspace Exhibition “Memories are the Antidotes” by Priyanka Rana

There is a playful use of mediums in Priyanka’s work that questions our perceived value of materials and the intangible. Moving across continents several times in her life, memories became one of the most valuable belongings she could count on bringing along. Her series, “Memories are the Antidotes”, inquires: if memories could take physical shape, what would they look like? She creates soft round memory pods from spare fabric and installs them on abstract forms made from salvaged urban wood—materials that carry their own memories. These sculptures hint at nostalgia, yearnings felt in moonlight, and daydreams. If memories help anchor us through tough times, the question remains: are we planting enough happy memories for tomorrow? What shall we do to ensure there is a bouquet of memories blooming to reminisce about in the unsure future?

About the Artist: Born in 1980, Priyanka’s inquiry into visual aesthetics started early in her life in India and followed her to France, and finally to the Bay Area. In 2018, she pivoted from her position as Vice President in the Exhibitions industry to pursue a more introspective path of creating Art. Her work has since been showcased at California art institutions like San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, CA, Healdsburg Center for the Art, Pacific Art League of Palo Alto, Sonoma Valley Museum, and Palo Alto Art Center. She has installed her sculptures in public spaces (temporary installations) commissioned by the city of Palo Alto (USA), two sculptures commissioned by the city of Dublin (USA), and Menlo College (USA). Her work is acquired by private collectors in Atherton (USA), Los Altos Hills (USA), and Shanghai (China). She has served on the board of the Society for Art and Culture Heritage of India.

Learn more at http://www.priyankarana.com/

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