“Reflection” Artist Reception with Lee Kuan-Lian 李冠嫾 11/11/2022 @ 5 PM

Join IAMA as we welcome artist Lee Kuan-Lian 李冠嫾 to IAMA for her new Lightspace Exhibition “Reflections”

Join us for a delightful, free evening spent with the artist with light food and beverages to be provided. Do not miss this opportunity to meet and chat with the artist behind this brilliant exhibition!

Exhibition Statement:

This exhibition will explore the philosophical symbols of Lao Tzu in traditional Chinese culture embedded in the creation of contemporary ink painting. There is an important idea of Lao Tzu, which is “Unity of Opposites.” In this “Reflection” exhibition, the artist explored the inner and outer sides of every person, which reveals the unity of opposites. “Seeing is not believing” when it regards a person’s outlook and his or her mind. With the development of the online social world, people develop more and more obvious multiple personalities. She takes this phenomenon as an inspiration for this “Reflection” exhibition. In the ink paintings, she tries to depict not only a person’s outlook but his/her inner images which “reflect” the real him/her.

The “Reflection” installation consists of Xuan paper, prisms, light beams, and the rainbow light scattered by them.

Xuan paper originated in the Tang Dynasty in China and is an ancient material about 1,400 years ago. The dispersion phenomenon of light in prisms was discovered by Newton in 1666 and was an invention more than 300 years ago. The two materials are separated by more than a thousand years, but they have been superimposed and juxtaposed in this exhibition. This concept is like Benjamin’s view of history as a structural subject. The present and the past are not a time-dependent relationship. Rather, it is a spatial superposition and juxtaposition.

This is also an important feature of contemporary art: to accommodate past history and traditions, and to superimpose and integrate different time and space. At the same time, it re-emphasized the essence of Lao Tzu’s theory: the unity of opposites.

For more information about the exhibition, visit the “Reflection” information page.



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