Sip Art Gallery Reception with MUSE Art Club 7/23/2022

Come and enjoy our Current Sip Art Gallery Exhibition by MUSE Art Club. The Reception will include appearances by the gifted students of MUSE, talking more about their award-winning work.

About the Exhibition: Aspiring artists in the Bay Area explore the broad and at times challenging world of art by channeling emotions into the creation of different types of portraits and landscapes. The pieces on display demonstrate an understanding of the subject and composition and feature many Scholastic gold key and medal winners. Alongside the individual pieces, Tibetan-style handicrafts that the artists designed for the Arro Khampa Cultural Society store in Shangri-La, Yunnan will be exhibited.

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About MUSE: Founded on Nov. 12, 2016, MUSE Art Club, consisting of fourteen members, kick-started a long series of fundraising art events with the completion of a mixed-media art event themed around the twelve Chinese zodiac signs. Over the years, MUSE has been a welcoming environment for artists to improve together and familiarize themselves with various art mediums–including spray painting, pour art, crochet, acrylics, and collage art.

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