“Fashion as Moving Art” Artist Reception with Sue Aesthetics, 11/5/2023 @ 5 PM

Join us to celebrate the newest Sip Art Gallery exhibition, “Fashion as Moving Art” by Sue Aesthetics!

Throughout the reception, you will be able to meet and greet with the artists to discuss their works, inspirations and more. They will provide a one-of-a-kind photography service experience and one on one styling. Sue Aesthetics will reveal your unique beauty.

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About the Exhibition:

The soul, intangible and unseen, exists because we each embody unique temperaments.

At Sue Aesthetics, we celebrate and cultivate this truth through the symbiosis of costume aesthetics and photography art.

On display will be 35 distinctive pieces of Sue Aesthetics Soul Photography, including photographs taken locally in San Francisco in the form of the Chinese hanging scroll of giclee. We invite you to experience your fullest beauty potential and expression.

To learn more, contact Sue Aesthetics at (415) 351-8184/

About the Artist:

Sue aesthetics founder, Sue, has based her works on costume aesthetics for decades. Sue leads modern women to the forefront of fashion, finds the dressing positioning for them, and therefore enhances the person’s natural beauty. She believes, “bringing beauty to others is my destiny.” Sue Aesthetics organically combines clothing and photography art to capture the unique beauty of customers according to their image temperament.

Since the establishment of Sue Aesthetics Soul Photography Studio in 2020, Sue Aesthetics has filmed over 70 middle-aged women and held five large-scale public welfare activities successively, including three sessions of this Soul Photography exhibition. Sue Aesthetics provides personal image design, diversified clothing, and customized photography to awaken the long sleeping heart of beauty and fashion. It is the original intention to pass on beauty and love.

To learn more about Sue Aesthetics, follow them on Instagram @sue_aesthetics.


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