“Echo of Silence” by Catherine Eaton Skinner

“Echo of Silence” by Catherine Eaton Skinner

On display from March 6, 2024 – April 21, 2024

Join us for the Opening Reception of this exhibition in the Lightspace Gallery at IAMA on Sunday, March 10, 2024 from 3 – 5 PM.

We live in a world where it is difficult to feel a part of the whole, as we continue finding ways to connect to each other. Skinner’s work gives expression to her journeys through many cultures and the five elements, the balance being imperative to our survival.

Skinner’s creative sensibilities stem from growing up in the Pacific Northwest. Her Bachelor of Arts and Science from Stanford University included painting instruction with Nathan Oliveira and Frank Lobdell. Twenty years in biological illustration began Skinner’s professional career. Between studios in Seattle and Santa Fe, she is an innovative artist with multidisciplinary methods: encaustic, oil, photography, glass, printmaking, sculpture, textiles and found objects.

Skinner’s monograph 108 published by Radius Books, documents her investigation of this symbolic number over 14 years using extensive multimedia. Unleashed – an anthology of animals, focuses on man’s relationship portrayed through the animal eyes, published with Woodland Park Zoo and University of Washington Press. Various anthologies contain her artwork and writing: Speak for the Tree; The Art of Discovery, Exploring a Northwest Art Collection; and Others Will Enter the Gates. Her work of art and poetry is included in over 100 publications: ARTfolio, Blue Mesa Review, Superpresent. Cold Mountain review, Another Chicago Magazine, Still Point Arts Quarterly, Leaping Clear, Monk Gallery, Interalia Magazine, LandEscape Art Review (London), Artists on Art, Magazine 43 (Berlin, Hong Kong, Manila), The Woven Tale Press.

Skinner has been included in numerous solo and group exhibitions. Recent solo exhibitions have included in 2023 Hem of Heaven at Perry & Carlson Gallery, Mount Vernon, Washington and Crosscurrents, Waterworks Gallery, Friday Harbor. Represented by PIE Projects in Santa Fe, Skinner was included in the December 2023 Slice of Pie exhibition. Branigan Cultural Center in Las Cruces featured her solo exhibition Illuminations: Corvids and the Accumulations series was in the Summerlin Public Library Gallery and the Enterprise Gallery of Las Vegas, NV. Skinner has been part of the U.S. Art in Embassy program, Tokyo, and Papua New Guinea. Public collections include Seattle University, Seeds of Compassion; Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington; Tacoma Art Museum; Museum of Encaustic Art, Santa Fe; Museum of Northwest Art; Swedish Orthopedic Institute; Virginia Mason Medical Center; Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Catherine Eaton Skinner

Santa Fe, NM & Seattle, WA


“An Artists’ View: Across the Great Divide on Foot” By Kathleen Frank

“An Artists’ View: Across the Great Divide on Foot” By Kathleen Frank

On Display from April 3 – April 28

Join us online via zoom for the Opening Reception of this exhibition on Saturday, April 7th 2024 from 3 to 5 PM!

Exhibition Statement:

“Having been an art teacher, woodcarver, and printmaker in my formative years, I emerged as a painter, joyously overwhelmed by color and searching for patterns. Color and pattern are everywhere, but the seeing and interpretation of them are different for each of us. Pattern in nature is primal to me – which fuels my desire to find a glimmer of logic in vastly complicated, confusing, and tumbled landscapes. I do also seek out the vibrant hues in landscapes.

My oil paintings begin with a saturated red-orange backdrop. This is overlaid with the main imagery, applied with distinct brushstrokes of brilliant color. Hints of the red background peek through like a woodcut, creating a subtle impact without drawing attention away from the primary subjects.

Several times a year I travel throughout the Southwest, hiking and photographing vistas for future paintings. The goal is to catch the light and design in these scenes in all its strangeness and beauty. It is a lofty goal, but I find when the quest is shepherded with paint and brush it is a delightfully daunting adventure.”

— Kathleen Frank

Artist Biography:

Artist Kathleen Frank is in love with nature. A contemporary landscape painter, she seeks out magnificent vistas to depict in her paintings. She has hiked hundreds of miles to paint the land of the Southwest and West, capturing images of the brilliance and vivaciousness of the natural world that beg to be painted. She is willing to go to any length to reach the precise vantage point she is seeking. It may take some serious, long-distance hiking, up, down and over rocky outcroppings, a plunge down an arroyo or a sprawl in sage bushes to capture exactly what she wants, but she is never timid about climbing, trudging, and scrambling to reach the sought-after sweep or bird’s-eye view of the colorful and uniquely rugged landscapes.

Kathleen Frank lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Raised in Northern California by parents who were adventurous teachers, who hosted and nurtured hundreds of foreign students in their home and traveled around the globe with Kathleen and her sister during their free summers, Frank’s background proved invaluable in the formation of her worldview of the diversity of cultures and artistic styles. She earned a BA in Fine Art and Design from San Jose State University in 1967 and a California Teacher’s Certification in Art Education in 1968. Her first job was on Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert during the Viet Nam era. There she met her husband, an Air Force flight test engineer, who later received his PhD in Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University. Frank taught art and was introduced to woodcarving in Colorado. In Pennsylvania, where the family had moved for her husband’s university position, that woodcarving led to a printmaking program at Pennsylvania State University and a Master of Arts degree in 1993. She continued to travel the globe with her family, meeting and learning from artists around the world. She co-founded the Printmakers Studio Workshop of Central Pennsylvania, where printmakers conducted classes and held community art exhibitions. During that time, Frank taught printmaking and costume design at The Greer School, as well as guest lecturing throughout the state and exhibiting the masks and costumes she designed.

She began a gradual shift to painting in a style reminiscent of the marks of a woodcarver-printmaker. Her paintings express how pattern and repetition entice her. Discovering this in nature is primal to Frank – finding a glint of logic in complex jumbled terrains and instinctively favoring a semblance of orderliness among the randomness of our landscapes.

In her studio, she examines every photo to select images she wants to paint. To Frank, any photo may be a gem in disguise. What resonates for her, whether a tranquil panorama or a robust display, is if a resplendent unguarded emotion is asserting itself.

Her oil paintings begin with a saturated red-orange backdrop. Frank knows the ground will poke through and feels what would be more joyful than red? She thinks of Swedish Dala horses, Chinese luck symbols and the tropical setting sun. Using broad single brushstrokes of brilliant color for her overlaid imagery, hints of the background peek through like a woodcut, creating an understated influence on the overall painting, enhancing yet not diverting from the imagery.

Frank is irresistibly drawn to vibrant color. She looks for the splendor and gaiety of life around her. She catches light and design in all its strangeness and beauty. While the colors in an image will dictate choices to a degree, the process of selecting hues and highlighting or muting is an active one, determined by what she is choosing to accentuate. When, for instance, her yellows are surrounded by blue-violets, purples and red-violets, she thinks “now you’ve got something to look at that is striking and vibrant and joyous.” This is where the playfulness of art making is found for her. Frank is not averse to making repeat patterns rather than showing every distinctive bit of landscape. The details she chooses to emphasize can be purely aesthetic. The overall essence and atmosphere of the image dictates what matters, and which peripheral details are not relevant. She acknowledges that she is not above adding a dramatic sky to a painting.

Another part of her painting process that Frank exults in is using oils – she loves the feel of the paint. She has proclaimed, “Let’s face it, the smell feels like creativity itself.”

Frank’s work was selected for Art in Embassies, U.S. Department of State, Ambassador’s residence, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and she won the Curator’s Choice Award at the Art in the West exhibit, High Desert Museum in Bend, Oregon.

To learn more about Frank and her work, visit her website.

“Far & Out: A Digital Manifesto by Benjamin Pesqueda”

“Far & Out: A Digital Manifesto by Benjamin Pesqueda”

You’re cordially invited to the opening reception for “Far & Out: A Digital Manifesto” by Benjamin Pesqueda!

Join us at Lightspace Gallery in the International Art Museum of America on Sunday, February 18, 2024 from 3 to 5 PM.

Artist Statement: The exhibition will be showcasing the intersection of traditional craftsmanship and the limitless possibilities of modern digital artistry. In a world where digital printing often falls short in capturing the richness of color and texture found in traditional mediums, Benjamin’s work strives to redefine the boundaries of what digital art can do. Each piece is a testament to months and years of meticulous craftsmanship, employing a fusion of physical and digital tools to push the boundaries of what digital painting can achieve.

Far & Out explores themes encompassing memory, energy, and the fear of the unknown. Utilizing graphite, photography, and digital painting, Benjamin adopts a style reminiscent of neo-futurism to articulate moments of ecstasy, presence, and beauty.

Benjamin relocated from Texas to California in 2019, where he previously taught art for more than a decade. This collection serves as a visual narrative, capturing Benjamin’s artistic evolution and unwavering dedication to the craft.

Artist Biography: Modern digital printing often lacks the rich color, texture, and fine detail of the traditional acrylic or oil painting. In my work, I attempt to push digital art as far as it can visually go, often taking several months and using both physical and digital tools to create one piece.

I love seeing my work on unique materials such as paper, canvas, wood, and even metal when printing. Because each finished work is original, I only use the highest quality tools, materials, printing, and packaging available when shipping worldwide.

Much of this work and the techniques behind it began in college where I taught myself to paint digitally. I found art for the first time at 13, scavenging through art books to discover the world outside of Amarillo Texas through color and texture.

After college, I became an educator teaching in multiple classrooms and in multiple subjects like graphic design, photography, and drawing.

In 2019, I moved to California to pursue my art career and have been fortunate to be able to research, photograph, paint, and experiment with my work everyday since. 

Works in my collection are priced at market-standard art rates (per square inch) and meticulously hand designed by me. If you acquire any of my works, I’m confident you will be drawn to look at it often and will hopefully be inspired in some way.



“Earth Our Home” by Rubina Anjum

“Earth Our Home” by Rubina Anjum

On Display from December 12, 2023 – March 24, 2024

Join us for the Opening Reception of this exhibition in the Sip Art Gallery at IAMA on Saturday, January 13, 2024.

Exhibition Statement:

The Planet Earth series aims to celebrate the Beauty of the earth from space and to demonstrate alternate ways to view and engage the world. The Concept is the creation of artwork that has been inspired by the satellite images of the earth taken from a distance of 270 to 300 miles above sea level.

The landscapes fuel my imagination and induce adrenaline highs while summoning tremendous peace. The raw beauty of the planet emerges as a series of initially unrecognizable shapes and forms. The paintings present the earth on a grand scale where human impact is difficult to discern, but in some cases is most certainly there. The broad perspective allows the language of the landforms to surface. The Earth communicates stories of events and inhabitants embedded in reality and fantasy: shapes of animals dance in fire scars, wind blows patterns in the sand, and sediment fans out intricate arteries.

The artistic style employed is realism with blends of impressionism and expressionism.

In appearance and form, my art looks mostly contemporary. In addition to using traditional and old masters techniques for oil and canvas, I fuse watercolor and oil painting techniques. I have written poetry for some of the paintings as a way to communicate stories that the images have inspired in me. The subject matter is what very few contemporary artists have attempted; thus in its content, scope and rendering it may be a completely new idea in the art world. The landscapes have elevated and inspired me; I hope the paintings arouse similar emotions in those who view my artwork.

“Tanami Desert (Hidden Portraits)” by Rubina Anjum

Artist Biography: 

Rubina Anjum is a visual artist from Austin, Texas.

Rubina is the Inaugural Artist-in-Residence at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. In her art studio at the Austin Airport. She is working on a four-part series called “From Austin Airport to the universe. The first of these large-scale oil on canvas paintings is on display at gate 25 within the main Austin Airport terminal. Through this series, she wants to provide impetus for the viewers to launch on a transformative, visual journey of tranquility and wonder; by forging a connection between our immediate surroundings to the vast expanse of the universe. Through the Austin Airports Art’s Program, she shares artistic practice with travelers. Her art-making videos are airing 24/7 at checkpoint 2, near American Airlines; they fuse moments of beauty, contemplation, and inspiration into the journeys of diverse travelers.

Through her art inspired by satellite imagery she communicates the beauty of the natural world. She works extensively with oil on canvas and watercolor on paper. She expresses her creative vision using different artistic styles and mediums While uncovering extraordinary vistas from Space.

Her main body of work is the “Planet Earth Series One’ which comprises twenty large scale oil on canvas paintings inspired by satellite imagery; Eleven of these were displayed in the Moore’s Crossing Gallery at the Austin Airport in 2019 for a period of six months. From 2017 till 2021 she participated in the Austin Studio tour for five consecutive years. Her solo exhibition featuring her entire Planet Earth Series One’ took place at Tel Art Gallery in Austin during the fall of 2019. Rubina’s Planet ‘Earth Series One’ are on display at the Museum Exhibition at IAMA (International Art Museum of America) in San Francisco from Dec 12th 2023 till Mar 24th 2024.

Embracing the digital age Rubina utilizes online platforms plus social media to share her creative process which also include some free art lessons. Her objective is to provide new avenues for acquiring, appreciating, understanding and creating art. Rubina believes that creativity will propel us forward as a species.

Rubina Anjum standing in front of her painting “Mother Earth”

Websites and Social Media:


Instagram/Rubinaart.Gallery /

Twitter/GalleryRubina /

Facebook/rubinaart.gallery /

Youtube/rubinaart.gallery /OpenSea/rubinaartgallery /

“Dreamscape” by Marikate Dougan

“Dreamscape” by Marikate Dougan

On Display from November 13, 2024 – January 2, 2024.

Join IAMA as we welcome artist Marikate Dougan to IAMA for her new Lightspace Gallery Exhibition “Dreamspace by Marikate Dougan” on Saturday, November 18, 2023 from 3 – 5 PM.

In “Dreamscape,” the artist invites you to embark on a journey through otherworldly landscapes, where reality converges with the imaginative. Through the medium of wood, a material deeply rooted in nature, these paintings evoke a sense of both familiarity and dreamlike wonder.

Each piece is a testament to the artist’s ability to meld the ethereal with the tangible, creating scenes that blur the boundaries between the known and the fantastical. The grain of the wood becomes an integral part of the composition, adding an organic texture that grounds these surreal visions in the natural world.

“Dreamscape” is an exploration of the limitless possibilities of the mind, a testament to the power of art to transport us to places beyond the scope of our everyday experiences. Each painting is an invitation to engage with the unknown, to revel in the beauty of the surreal, and to find solace in the boundless expanse of the creative spirit. We invite you to step into this captivating dreamscape, to let your senses wander, and to find your own reverie within these mesmerizing landscapes.

Artist Biography: Marikate Dougan (b. 1989, Oceanside, CA) currently lives and works in San Francisco. Her work combines rich tones and unique textures that express visual characters in a wild dreamscape. Creativity in color and mix media have a central role in her painting ability.

Websites and Social Media: www.marikatedouganart.com
IG: @marikatedougan

“Palettes of Change” By William Pan

“Palettes of Change” By William Pan

On display from January 2, 2024 – January 7, 2024

Enter a world of deep artistry where each brushstroke narrates tales of human rights, self-discovery, addiction, and a myriad of other themes at William Pan’s exhibition, “Palettes of Change.”

William Pan, a visionary artist, invites you to explore the depths of the human experience through his thought-provoking work. With a masterful touch, he creates art that transcends cultural and societal boundaries, offering a unique perspective on the world we live in.

“Palettes of Change” celebrates the beauty of artistic expression, promising a joyous celebration and exploration of art. Each brushstroke, each color choice, and each piece of William’s artwork tells a story, inviting you to join the conversation about the world we live in. This exhibition is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of creative expression and discover the profound impact that art can have on our lives.

Join us on this artistic journey, and let William’s work inspire you as you explore the depths of human experience through the medium of paint and canvas.

“The Ethnic Blossom of Arturo Martinez” by Arturo Martinez

“The Ethnic Blossom of Arturo Martinez” by Arturo Martinez

On display from September 12, 2023 – December 3, 2023.

Join us for the Opening Reception of this exhibition in the Sip Art gallery at IAMA on Saturday, October 7, 2023 from 12:30 – 4 PM.

THE BLOSSOMING OF THE ETHNIC BEAUTY: Arturo Martinez presents this Solo Exhibit which manages to capture the ethnic origins of beauty that historically defies borders and nationalities, ultimately generating new cultural realities. It immerses us in the social dynamics that unite human and ethnic groups and are capable of modifying the qualitative perception of the individual being; thus, without ceasing to love his/her origin and identity, individuality is integrated into a universal society, and contributes to a collective flourishing and personal elements of ethnic beauty at the same time. New amalgamated universes then flourish with emphases in the fine arts, clothing, gastronomy, musical culture, and dance, tied together with a scale of sublime values through community awareness.

(SPANISH) EL FLORECIMIENTO DE LA BELLEZA ÉTNICA: Arturo Martínez presenta esta Exhibición Individual, que logra capturar los orígenes étnicos de la belleza que históricamente desafía fronteras y nacionalidades, generando nuevas realidades culturales. Nos sumerge en las dinámicas sociales que  funden grupos humanos y etnias, capaces de modificar la percepción cualitativa del ser individual que, sin dejar de amar su  origen e identidad, integra su individualidad a la sociedad universal, contribuyendo paralelamente al florecimiento colectivo, con elementos personales de su belleza étnica. Así se logran amalgamar nuevos universos que florecen protagónicos en las bellas artes, indumentaria, gastronómica, cultura musical, danza y una escala de valores sublimes con conciencia comunitaria.

Artist Biography:

Artist Arturo Martinez is a culmination of music, culture, and ethnicity. His work reminds one of the great African-American artist Romare Bearden celebrative renderings of life, jazz, and people. Like Bearden, Martinez too praises his ethnicity and mestizaje (of mixed race) without losing sight of the long struggle of the diverse ethnic communities of Mexico. 

His geometrical compositions of C shapes, half U’s, curves, circles, and his nonlinear patterns flow rhythmically. A musician himself of “Son Mestizo,” Martinez roots his paintings with an African, Mestizo, and Indigenous lining. Born in Tlacotalpan, Veracruz, Mexico, he captures the lyrical and traditional in the vibrant power of its local fauna, flowers, and customs with colors that guide his inspiration like a musical note on canvas. Each painting ripples with movement, and ebbs according to the color chosen. For Martinez, “music has resonance.” His approach to color is like the artist Wassily Kandinsky, who believed color to be like a keyboard. Martinez’s paintings have a deep inclination towards the rhythm of Latin Jazz. By incorporating patterns from Mexico’s diverse ethnic Indigenous plurality, Martinez exalts his recognition of the importance the artisanal artists have had in Mexico’s creative spirit. Each pattern expresses a natural deity, the cosmos, and a metaphorical meaning.

To learn more about Arturo and his work, follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

“Take a Breath” By Usha Shukla

“Take a Breath” By Usha Shukla

On display from September 5, 2023 – November 5, 2023.

Join us for the Opening Reception of this exhibition in the Lightspace gallery at IAMA on Sunday, September 24, 2023 from 3 – 5 PM.

The exhibition “Take a Breath” serves as a sanctuary, inviting you to slow down and embark on an exploration within. The artworks are an ode to tranquility found in nature amidst the frenzy of the material world.

Over the years Usha Shukla has developed an emotional connection with nature. She sees the constant movement of light and shadows as Nature’s heartbeat. The ebb and flow of air and light creates a living, ever-changing landscape of shapes and forms. The color palette of these colorful, vibrant paintings is derived from the harmony of colors she perceives in nature.

Usha intends for these paintings to be uplifting and restorative to the human spirit, and to inspire optimism. The non-representational nature of her work lets viewers focus on their own feelings evoked by the colors and shapes and enter a meditative state.

Artist Biography:

Usha Shukla was born and brought up in New Delhi, India. From early childhood, she was fascinated by the outdoors. The vibrant colors of the Indian countryside left a strong impression on her. After a graduate degree in English Literature, she went on to get a diploma in Fashion Design. In 1996 when she moved to San Francisco, California, with her family, she found everything different except her interaction with nature. In 2005, after a visit to the Louvre Museum in Paris, she realized her true passion for art. She enrolled in the local community college and started her formal art education. She completed her graduate program at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, focusing on painting.

Combining her love of nature and passion for art, she paints large abstract paintings in vibrant colors. She has a unique process of mark-making. Instead of conventional tools like brushes and palette knives, she moves the paint on wood panels using an air blower.

Her work is collected by several local art collectors. She won the 2016-17 Clyde & Co Art Award for Emerging Artists, San Francisco. She has participated in several juried group and solo shows on the West Coast and has won awards. She has a public art mural in the city of Livermore, California. Six of her paintings are installed in the East County Hall of Justice, Dublin, CA, commissioned by the Alameda County Arts Commission. Five of her works are in the permanent collection at the Sutter Hospital in San Francisco and one in Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston. She recently exhibited her work at Spectrum, Miami during the Miami Art Basel Week. She received the 2020 Alameda County Arts Leadership Award and now serves as an Art Commissioner on the Alameda County Arts Commission.

To learn more about Usha Shukla and her work, visit her website or follow her on Instagram and Facebook.