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Achilles Theodore Cesbron (1849-1915)

Still Life With Roses

Achilles Theodore Cesbron was born in Oran, Algeria. His career really began in 1877 when he was first invited to show at the prestigious Paris Salon. His skills as a painter were recognized by the judging committee of the Salon, who awarded him an honorable mention in 1882, bronze medal in 1884, and silver medal in 1886. He was also awarded a silver medal at the 1889 World Fair in Paris. When he won the Legion of Honour in 1897, he was an expert in flower painting, renowned for the fineness and sensuality of his floral compositions and particularly for his ability to represent roses. He was commissioned, along with his friend and contemporary Georges Jeannin, to decorate the Salon du Passage at the City Hall of Paris. His love for art and horticulture led Cesbron in 1902 to found the flower garden in the city of Paris at the Porte d’Auteuil.