Claude Ibrahimoff, Lisa Mee “Earthly and Celestial Illuminations” 3/1/2020

Mar 1, 2020 | 0 comments

3/1/2020 – 3/31/2020

Claude Ibrahimoff shows the accomplishment of a journey through different cultures, blending influences of Soviet and American cinema and artists like Rothko, Malevitch, Kandinsky, and Jasper Johns. Industrial paint, metal scraps, collage objects, advertising clippings are used in Claude’s puzzles and vagaries about time, symbols of transformation, perpetual movement and impermanence. Beyond the splendor of the colors and movement that fascinate your eyes, her art is rooted in social and political preoccupations as well as philosophical reflections on time, perception, and structures that underlie an apparent anarchy.

For Lisa Mee, serenity is the essence of her artwork. She creates paintings to help viewers tap into their own inner peace, freedom, bliss and presence. At the same time, she is also on her own path of finding serenity, an inner undisturbed peace independent of any circumstances. She believes art can act as an energetic vibration to soothe viewers and rebalance emotions. In addition to the paint medium, Lisa Mee integrates papers, fabrics and metals by careful sorting, cutting and assembling into works of art. Inspired by florals, landscapes and various formations found in the natural environment, she creates a cohesion by using unexpected materials in an aesthetic manner. By integrating metallic paints into her richly painted surfaces, her canvases recreate a stained glass effect of color-saturated and textured surfaces combined by careful layering. She strives to recreate luminosity on the surface of a canvas, creating an effect that is simultaneously striking, balanced and harmonious.

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