9/21/2021 – 12/19/2021

“Embers of a Dream” by Ling Sherri Lu

Embers of a Dream is a body of work consisting of 22 abstract paintings created over the course of the ongoing pandemic. The spark was first ignited when award-winning Asian-American artist, Ling Sherri Lu, had what was described as a precognitive experience in early 2020.

“The dream I had experienced was a premonition, an apocalyptic one in nature. It evoked both fear, awe, and wonder. I remember waking from it feeling haunted as though I had received an omen. Questions emerged from the dark and began building on one another: What would happen if modern day expectations, rituals, and possessions in our material world had disappeared? What would remain? And lastly, what would we hold dear in the end?”

Embers of a Dream is a year and a half journey exploring the connections between the subconscious mind, emotional realities, and the human condition experienced in the present. Themes of rebirth, immortality, and survival present themselves in metaphysical ways. Each of the 22 abstract paintings has a life of its own. The materials used include 24K gold, an eclectic assortment of minerals (such as Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Tiger’s Eye, Quartz, Jaspers, Jadeite), India inks, paints, and pigment stains on Japanese bamboo paper.

Ling Sherri Lu (b.1985) is an award-winning Taiwanese-American Painter and Visual Artist from New York City. She blends several traditional techniques from printmaking, water-based painting, and both Eastern and Western calligraphy foundations to create contemporary abstract paintings. Her work has been publicly acquired in San Francisco, NYC, Houston, TX, and British Columbia, Canada.