May 3, 2022 – June 26, 2022

Evoked By Emotions is a solo show presenting stories of life in an abstract, floral, and grand-scale way. It invites viewers to step into its paintings and connect with their own emotions, ones we often bury under pressures we grow accustomed to. This body of work is a combination of two series, one created in 2021 and one in early 2022. The paintings are inspired by different emotions evoked throughout life; some of the happy times and bright colors, some of harder times during which beauty evolved from darkness.

Ramona Stelzer is a contemporary artist. She is fascinated and inspired by nature, its process, lifecycle, transformation, and alteration. She loves to paint on a grand scale, inviting the viewer to escape into the painting. Although she mainly paints flowers in an increasingly abstract way, the meaning of her art extends beyond its subject: her art symbolizes the connection between humans and nature and their abilities to not only be delicate and beautiful, but also powerful, strong, wild, and resilient.  Ramona’s artistic journey began in the Black Forest of Germany and continued to California. She is mainly self-taught, and her curiosity, passion, and appreciation for art keep her evolving. Her first art exhibition attracted collectors from Germany and Switzerland.