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Fu Baoshi (1904-1965)

傅抱石-調樂圖 Three Musicians

Three Musicians

A famous master of Chinese paintings and a representative artist of the “new landscape painting” movement, Fu was also a professor in the Art Department of Nanjing Teachers College and served as President of the Jiangsu Provincial Chinese Painting Institute. An advocate of artistic innovation, Fu incorporated elements of Japanese painting to launch an artistic transformation that resulted in his own singular “Baoshi Cun” style of painting. And, in an act that revolutionized the style of figure painting established during and practiced since the Qing Dynasty, Fu incorporated techniques used in landscape paintings into his figure paintings, which showcased his unique spirit.

In November 2011, Fu’s Octavo Volumes were sold at an auction for an impressive RMB $230,000,000 (approximately US$36,065,200). This piece by Fu is entitled Tiao Yue Tu (Three Musicians). Its colors display an ancient elegance, and its brushstrokes reveal a bold vigor, making for a truly exquisite work.