Featured Artist in Collection

Guo Ruyu (1941-)

Hibiscus and Carp

Professor Guo Ruyu was born in China in December of 1941. He is a member of the Artists Association of China. His positions include Director of the Creation and Research Department of the Sichuan Province Poetry, Calligraphy and Painting Institute; President of the Chengdu City Fine Brushwork Painting Association; Dean of Chengdu Fine Brushwork Painting Academy; and Dean of Sichuan Province Oriental Painting Art Academy.

Paintings of hibiscus and carp are representative of his works. They are also what established his reputation. Such paintings have been collected and exhibited by many important organizations in China, including an exhibition in the Great Hall of the People in China.

Guo Ruyu meticulously created this painting specifically for this museum. Without even the slightest trace of water seen on or near the fish, a sense of fish swimming and moving about in water is depicted. This special characteristic of Oriental art whereby the artist conveys a concept, such as water, without painting it, is fully manifested in this painting. The extremely simple brushwork that was used to paint the carp portrays their very rich texture. With careful observation, viewers can experience the boundless appeal of this artwork. This painting is truly representative of the art of Chinese painting.