Liam Ericson, Pavel Acevedo, Mike Gamble ”Brecciated” 1/5/2020

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1/5/2020 – 2/1/2020

The exhibition showcases artworks by three like-minded artists. All of their art is based on fragments of the human experience; our relationship to the universe, our history, and our present cultural state. But all these experiences stem from the same human bedrock. Hence the geologic term “brecciated”.  

*Breccia is a rock composed of sharp fragments embedded in a fine grained matrix of sand or clay. 

Mike Gamble is a printmaker and painter from Philadelphia, PA. He is the owner and operator of Left Handed Press in South Philly. He graduated from Tyler School of Art in 2010 with a BFA in Printmaking, and has since had his works showcased across the country. In 2015, Mike’s prints were included in an exchange in Oaxaca, Mexico, and he received First Prize in the Relevos Australianos Printmaking Tournament in Zacatecas. Mike’s most recent work consists of multi-layer reduction woodcuts created using a pointillist technique, meticulously incising pinpoint-sized dots into birchwood to form each layer of the print. These stippled layers give the prints a tonal quality not typical of a carved relief. The works are mainly figurative and surrealistic, focusing on connections between all living beings with one another and with the surrounding world. Identity and individualism are stripped away and dissected figures reveal the aspects of life universal among us all.

Pavel Acevedo began his formal art studies at the Rufino Tamayo Plastic Arts Workshop in Oaxaca City while he was an assistant and student of the Lithography studio. In 2006, he enrolled to complete his Bachelor’s Degree in visual arts at Fine Arts School of Oaxaca. In 2010, he moved to Riverside, California and started getting involved in printmaking projects with a social justice and educational awareness in communities of color throughout California. In 2015, Pavel opened his printmaking studio by collaboration with “The Desert Triangle Print Carpeta” located provisionally in Riverside. His artwork has been exhibited in different group shows between Mexico and the U.S. in public and private institutions as well individually.

”My artwork  took the relief print as a way to talk about my new house and life in the US and find myself in this country. The portrait turn into a portal where I can tell stories and try to find my word as an artist so I let roll every portrait from the people that I have carve or draw and let it grab stories of struggle, hope, fwys, cities, animals, houses, protests, signs, etc. With the only reason to not exist in between two cultures and just create a third land to exist that’s my goal. This images mean to not forgive where I’m coming from like anybody else that start in this American culture, so I let this portaits to host this new stories of struggle and hope so that can be related to them” (Pavel Acevedo).

Opening Reception