Featured Artist in Collection

Pan Tianshou (1897-1971)

A Pond’s Gorgeous Red that Emerged from Mud

A celebrated master of contemporary Chinese painting and an art educator, Pan also served as President of the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts as well as Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Artists Association.

Highly skilled in freehand style flower-and-bird and landscape paintings, his compositions evoke both a feeling of danger as well as an overcoming of danger. His brushwork has an air of bronze and stone epigraphy—simple and forceful, as well as strong and sweeping; and his use of color is both calming and gorgeous.

Prudent with the brush, each of his strokes is a manifestation of artistry steady and without affectation. He was also highly accomplished in figure painting, calligraphy, poetry, and seal carving.

Lei Po Tou Feng Shou Zhe (Leipotou Longevity Peak) is a frequent inscription on Pan’s paintings, in which the inscription location, the inscription calligraphy, and the painting are unified into a perfect whole, attaining an unprecedented level of excellence.

This painting of lotus flowers and stones called A Pond’s Gorgeous Red that Emerged from Mud is considered one of the finest among the fine. In May 2010, Pan’s Eagle on a Rock was auctioned for RMB$28,000,000 (approximately US$4,098,660).