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Frits Thaulow (1847-1906)

French River Landscapes

Frits Thaulow was a Norwegian impressionist painter and engraver. Originally wanting to become a marine painter, he studied at the art academy in Copenhagen (1870-1873) as well as with the Danish marine specialist C. F. Sorensen (1818-1879). During the 1880s, he was prominent in establishing more progressive artists’ associations and exhibition societies in Norway and was regarded as the leading Norwegian artist of the period. He decided to move to France in 1892, living at Camiers, Etaples, Montreuil, as well as Paris (1892-1894, 1898-1906) and Dieppe (1894-1898). He painted about fifty pieces a year during this time. Thaulow painted almost exclusively in the schools of impressionism and realism.