“Traditional Chinese Paintings in Impressionistic Style and Calligraphy” by The Students of Junkai Wu

The Students of Junkai Wu: Anna Li, Lucy Lu, Amanda Zhai, Jinyan Zhang, and Dennis Chen

On display from March 13, 2023 – June 22, 2023.

These paintings and calligraphy were created during the pandemic years by artists Anna Li, Lucy Lu, Amanda Zhai, Jinyan Zhang, and Dennis Chen. They are inspired and instructed by Master Wu in a once-a-week online class. Various contents in these artworks include Huaniaohua (birds and flowers paintings), landscape paintings, cursive calligraphy, and sketches from nature, such as scenery of national parks.

Artists Biography:

Master Junkai Wu is a famous Chinese American artist in the Bay Area. He graduated from the art department of Qingdao University Science and Technology (QUST) and California College of the Arts. He is the director of International Art Center of San Francisco (ICASF), in charge of painting research, education, and organization of art exhibitions. With his talents in both Eastern and Western painting and art history, he integrates various skills and spirits into his artwork with a distinguished, unique style. Master Wu enthusiastically devotes his time to art education in the Bay Area. During the pandemic, he started online Zoom classes in traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy, attracting students of various ages from across the East Coast to West Coast the United States, England, Hungary, New Zealand, and more. The paintings in this exhibition are by his talented students Anna Li, Lucy Lu, Amanda Zhai, Jinyan Zhang, and Dennis Chen.

Reception Date: Sunday, March 26, 2023 from 11 AM – 2 PM, on-site.


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