“Unformed Thoughts” by Dan McGarrah 11/19/2021

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11/9/2021 – 12/26/2021





Dan McGarrah’s artwork is digital art; each created from individual photographs (no compositing) he took of trees or other plants. He then has limited edition archival prints made on canvas or paper for the smaller sizes. Exhibited artworks are from two concurrent series – UNFORMED THOUGHTS and SUBLIMINAL PROCESSING. As images are completed each is placed in the series that he feels it belongs to.


UNFORMED THOUGHTS: There is a time period, however brief, during which our conscious thoughts take shape. At points midway through this process, there is just an amorphous pre-thought – it is unformed. McGarrah feels that the unnamed artworks are reflective of thoughts that still have a wide range of potential destinations and are further along towards forming. The title is reflective of the feeling or thought that, in his view, they have begun to acquire.

SUBLIMINAL PROCESSING: As opposed to conscious thoughts in the process of forming, this art is reflective of what takes place subconsciously inside the mind. Completely uncontrolled and largely inaccessible. Art in both of these series is reflective of a broad range of feelings and senses: from gentle to harsh, from caring to antagonistic. Above all else, McGarrah strives to create art with a strong impact – emotional and/or intellectual. Artwork that very successfully “stands on its own” accompanied, or unaccompanied, by concept. He has no philosophical or social commentary, intentions. McGarrah focuses on making art that can be considered equally hundreds of years from now when the circumstances and issues of today are long forgotten. Timeless Art is his goal. 

About Dan McGarrah
Dan McGarrah received a B.A. from Brooks Institute of Photography (Santa Barbara), in 1981. Subsequently, McGarrah had a career as an advertising photographer, pursuing fine art photography as time allowed. Since 2018, he has been fully committed to creating artwork, currently digital art. In 2020 he completed ‘The Artist Advisory’ 4-month sessions. McGarrah has been a member of the Non-Profit San Francisco Women’s Artist’s Gallery (SFWA Gallery) since late 2016. His work has been accepted to their monthly group shows 28 times to date, and he received a ‘Juror’s Choice’ Award 4 times. His digital art and fine art photography have also been exhibited in other notable venues and online.