Yvonne Lee & Krystine Beneke “Wild Bliss” 2/20/2020

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11/2/2020 – 12/28/2020

Yvonne Lee is a California based artist who has been exploring the connection between nature and spirituality. She aims to capture the constant universal energy that is abundant in the present. “I was especially drawn to the idea of no boundaries, or elimination of human-made constructs that we use to define things, which will lead to greater understandings of the ultimate reality. Thus, I have focused on ways to express notions of transcendence and immanence in nature, spiritual states of being, and the spontaneity of the present yet continuous moment. In this body of work, I abstract expressions of such forms and beliefs”.

Krystine Beneke is an abstract artist based in Los Angeles. Her work is frequently on display in galleries in Southern and Northern California. Krystine relates her art to that of kaleidoscope images and depicts them as being analogous to the human journey. The kaleidoscope embodies reality and illusion and the artist thinks of her work as the intersection between these two points. Not only is it emblematic of life’s journey found between the beginning and end, but it promotes the concept of this intersection of reality and illusion as the place from which creativity is born. In order to take something which has never been conceived, one looks at what presently exists and asks “what could be?”

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