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Zhang Daqian  (1899-1983)

Splashed Color Landscape

Zhang Daqian is one of the most renowned Chinese painters of the 20th century. His painting style is fine brushwork, freehand brushwork, strong colors, and ink-wash painting. He initiated the splashed-ink and splashed-color style of painting. He is famous for his splashed-color landscape paintings. There are two separate styles of landscape painting in China: “blue-and-green” landscapes and “ink-and-wash” landscapes. The former style uses bright blue, green and red pigments derived from minerals, while the latter relies on vivid brushwork and varying degrees of intensity of ink to express the artist’s conception of nature, his/her emotions and individuality. During his life, Zhang Daqian made connections with other artists, such as Picasso, while living in France.  Some of his works were bought by museums in the United States, such as the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.