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What is Yun Sculpture?

Yun Sculpture is an art form created by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. It is exquisite and mysterious, their beauty is astonishing and spellbinding, and structures are both exquisitely fine and sophisticated, with unanticipated variations. Unprecedented in history, H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III’s Yun sculptures are the first form of art that cannot be replicated, regardless of the method used.

What is Yun sculpture? Art connoisseurs say these words to describe it: “Nobody would believe that a human being carved these works of art,” “This is truly a great contribution to art and civilization!” “This form of art is astonishing and historically significant!” “This is so incredible!” “These sculptures transcend the realm of human art.” “If you say that they are products of this world, nobody will believe you since nobody has ever before seen such beautiful objects.”

Beatrice Canterbury Lavery, an art connoisseur, was astonished after she attended an exhibition of Yun sculptures. She said to a former chairman of Christie’s in Los Angeles, “I cannot believe that such mysterious and beautiful art exists in this world!” The former Chairman asked her, “What makes those sculptures so special?” Ms. Lavery replied, “It is very difficult to describe in words. That exhibition displayed the most phenomenal miniature art I have ever seen. It was like peeking into wondrous caves. It made one want to crawl in and be part of the scene. All I can say is that the beauty of those sculptures is enrapturing!”

Ambassador Marina Valere from the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago praised His Holiness the Buddha’s works, saying, “His exhibition was an almost unreal experience. His inspiration must have come from a supreme force that helped guide his hand to create such almost indescribable works of art. A marvelous experience!”

The Chief of Protocol for the Organization of American States, Ana O’Brien, said, “This is surely amazing. Stunning!” Dr. John Tsu, Chairman of the White House President’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, said that His Holiness the Buddha’s sculptures are divine craftsmanship, that they excel natural creations, that nobody in history has created such works of art, and that nobody can duplicate them. He also said that after former President George H. W. Bush saw His Holiness the Buddha’s Yun sculptures, he lavishly praised them.

These were the sincere words that art experts and connoisseurs, as well as high-ranking officials from the world, uttered as they viewed the Yun sculptures of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III in the exhibition of Yun Sculptures by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III held by the Organization of the American States, which is composed of 34 countries, in Washington, D.C. That exhibition was primarily directed at ambassadors from various countries, as well as United States senators and congresspersons.

L1001581 720x1080 72dpi

On October 28th and 29th of 2003, in the Gold Room of the House Office Building, the US Congress held an exhibition of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III’s Yun sculptures. Most of the attendees of that exhibition were senators, members of Congress, and their staff. They gave raving acclamations.

When these exquisite sculptures are viewed from different angles, one can see various wonderful and fascinating sights that seem to be constantly changing. When climbing up a Cliff, or when looking inside the hole of certain boulders to see their remarkable sights, one may see auspicious mist spiraling upward. One then experiences a carefree and peaceful feeling that is difficult to describe. The limestone caves in China’s Guangxi Province, the inside of the Ludi cave the Grand Canyon in the United States, Yellowstone Park, and the limestone caves in Columbia—all of which are the most amazing caves and scenery in the world-cannot match the marvelous, exquisite sculptures of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. Such beautiful scenes truly cannot be found elsewhere in the world.

H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III’s Yun sculptures can truly be called peerless, priceless treasures. H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III was able to create these treasures based upon his high state of realization, profound and extensive knowledge, as well as his penetration of the laws that underlie the birth, growth, and change of all things in the universe.

There is a very special Yun sculpture piece in the Treasure Room called Mysterious Mist in a Stone. One can see that mist is permanently sculpted in it like a miracle.

Mysterious Mist Inside A Stone

White jade-like gauze hangs inside a stone
Unmatched sculpting produces emotion amid the mist
Without words, a rare melody plays inside the cave
Such heavenly scenery is difficult to duplicate

-A poem titled “Mysterious Mist Inside a Stone” by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III

In the history of human art, artists have displayed to the world art they created that reflected their particular artistic strengths. They thereby added to people’s aesthetic enjoyment and enriched civilization.

Yun Sculptures created by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III are the most marvelous and astonishing form of art in history because they appear even more natural than nature itself. Moreover, it is the first type of art in this world that is impossible to duplicate.

Let us look at this mysterious oval stone. From its external appearance, one can see that “Mysterious Mist Inside a Stone” is an ordinary greenish rock that is a few feet long. However, the inside of it is a totally different world. Its interior contains layer upon layer of what appears to be peaks and hills, forming a beautiful crisscrossing network. Its scenes seem to change endlessly, giving it a profoundly mystical quality. In some parts of the stone’s interior, there is mist as exquisite as chiffon, while in other parts the mist is so thick it covers whatever is behind it. In the latter case, a lamplight that penetrates mist must be shone into the stone to view the background scenes. One can see mist circling upward.

Sculptors throughout history have been able to produce material forms or images through sculpting. However, no one has been able to produce through sculpting something as insubstantial and formless as fog or mist. Nonetheless, there are sculptures of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III that combine both material form and mist.

That is why when experts evaluate such works of art they sincerely praise them as that which could not possibly come from this earthly realm. They say that only something from another world could be so marvelous and unbelievable.

L1001415 1080x720 72dpi

The backside of Mysterious Mist in a Stone with its name in Chinese letters engraved on the surface

L1001405 1080x720 72dpi

A view of the Treasure Room where the Mysterious Mist in a Stone is seated

L1001527 1080x720 72dpi

Mist is permanently sculpted in the cave of the Mysterious Mist in a Stone, an artwork that cannot be replicated

Mystery of Lovely Colors

Mystery of Lovely Colors is a peerless treasure. It is considered one of the top four Yun sculptures. It is on view in the Treasure Room of the museum

This sculpture cannot be duplicated by anyone else in the world, no matter what method is applied. For the first time in the past few thousand years, this genre of irreproducible artworks has appeared on earth. This precious creation is unique in the entire world.

Mystery of Lovely Colors is a Yun sculpture created by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. Its structure and overall arrangement can only be described as “endlessly varied” and “unfathomably mysterious.” Phrases such as “swirling unusual colors,” “a mixture of emptiness and substance,” and “too beautiful to be absorbed all at once” are used to describe its grandeur, beauty, and elegance.

When this Yun sculpture was displayed in the Gold Room of the United States Capitol and at the Organization of American States, experts and scholars viewed it with admiration, praising it with words such as, “a gift from God to mankind,” “a treasure from a Buddha-land,” “captivatingly beautiful,’ and even “since the appearance of Yun sculptures, all treasures in this human world have become like stars in the sky that pale against a resplendent moon.”

L1001470 color enhanced 720x1080 72dpi
L1001417 color enhanced 720x1080 72dpi

Mystery of Lovely Colors

L1001421 720x1080 72dpi

Mystery of Lovely Colors

L1001464 720x1010 72dpi

Mystery of Lovely Colors

L1001438 720x1080 72dpi

Mystery of Lovely Colors

Holy Purity

Holy Purity is a precious art piece of unsurpassed beauty created by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. Its color is soft and lustrous, like thin white silk. It looks as pure and noble as jade or ice, has an elegant hanging style, and is completely free of any flaw. This artwork, which is pleasing to the eye and comforting to the mind, fully deserves that name it was given, for it indeed possesses the qualities of holiness, purity, elegance, refinement, and white splendor.

L1001570 720x959 72dpi

Holy Purity

The pictures below are Holy Purity taken at different angles. Holy Purity is currently on view in the Treasure Room of the museum.

L1001609 1080x720 72dpi

Holy Purity

L1001607 1080x720 72dpi

Holy Purity