Selected Works in Collection

Three Musicians

H: 75cm x W: 32 cm

Artist: Fu Baoshi (1904-1965)

Longevity Peaches

H:120cm W:40cm

Artist: Wu Changshuo (1844-1927)

Wintry Branches in the North

Artist: H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III

Waterfall of the Huang Mountains

Artist: Li Keran (1907-1989)

A Pair of Geese

Artist: Xu Beihong (1865-1955)

Auspicious Atmosphere of a Lotus Pond

Artist: Yuhua Shouzhi Wang

Featured Works On View


Golden Lotuses

Artist: Yuhua Shouzhi Wang

There is an ancient saying that the embellishment of one red dot in otherwise all green vegetation provides a noticeable elegant charm emotionally appealing in myriad ways. The meaning of that saying is that red flowers should be used to complement green leaves in order to depict the best setting. However, the approach of Professor Yuhua Shouzhi Wang to draw flowers in gold and create leaves with splashed watery ink exhibits even higher elegance, greater beauty, and lovelier simplicity. The technique of Professor Yuhua Shouzhi Wang to paint lotus flowers in varying degrees of darkness and lightness enables her to represent fully a striking charm in both tone and form.

Every stroke is lively, vigorous, graceful, and without the slightest air of affectation. Applying mature and seasoned artistry, she fully displays on paper her unfettered, natural, unattached state of mind. The brushwork was completed with ease and spontaneity, free of any inhibition. The atmosphere is strong but very elegant and pure. This entire painting provides much comfort to the eyes.

See My Home

See My Home

Artist: H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III

This is a painting in the “Pomo Xiantiao Xiezhen” style. The center brush-tip technique and the side brush-edge technique were both applied in this painting in addition to large-scale freehand brushwork using the splash-ink technique. The mountain scenery was painted with black ink and heavy hues of green. This artwork not only preserves traditional painting skills but also manifests the realistic effect of modern Western oil paintings. In Chinese paintings, it is very difficult to apply the perspective technique, with its three-dimensional look, to paintings in which the center brush-tip technique is used to express scholarly charm. However, this painting combines four different elements: the three-dimensional perspective technique together with the scattered perspective technique, the splash-ink technique with lines, freehand brushwork, and realism. Attributes from both Chinese and Western paintings form a single stylish charm. The painting is entitled “See My Home.” It depicts a pristine rural setting, a land accompanied by mountains, river, sun, and moon spirits. One regards a place like home when one has cherished feelings toward the local customs and conditions of that place. Wouldn’t you like such a home?

More Featured Artworks

殘荷出紅顔 Resplendent Red amid Remaining Lotus Leaves3.47x10 72dpi

Resplendent Red amid Remaining Lotus Leaves

Artist: Qi Baishi


Small Delightful Autumn

Artist: Yuhua Shouzhi Wang


Hibiscus and Carp

Artist: Guo Ruyu

Featured Artists

Fu Baoshi 傅抱石 (1904-1965)

Guo Ruyu 郭汝愚 (1941-)

H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III H.H.第三世多杰羌佛
Huang Binhong 黃賓虹 (1865-1955)
Huang Zhou 黄胄 (1925-1997)

Li Keran 李可染 (1907-1989)

Pan Tianshou 潘天壽 (1897-1971)

Qi Baishi 齊白石 (1864-1957)

Ren Bonian 任伯年 (1840-1896)

Wu Changshuo 吳昌碩 (1844-1927)
Yuhua Shouzhi Wang 玉花壽之王

Xu Beihong 徐悲鴻 (1865-1955)
Xu Gu 虛谷 (1823-1896)

Yun Shouping 惲壽平 (1633-1690)

Zhang Daqian 張大千 (1899-1983)